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Made by nature, refined through science.

IHS believes that our patients deserve the cleanest, safest and most effective medicinal marijuana products available. Our mission is to serve patients honest and deliberate products that provide true healing.

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Feel The Difference.


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Vape Cartridges

Discover our exceptional line of premium vaporization cartridges, meticulously crafted with broad-spectrum cannabis oils and strain derived terpenes.

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Experience the epitome of luxury with our premium sour gummies, brimming with an explosion of exquisite tanginess and adorned with delectable sweet and sour crystals.

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Luster Pods

Embark on a journey with Ohio’s beloved vaporization device. Our collection of premium luster pods is artfully crafted with broad-spectrum cannabis oils and strain derived terpenes.

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Dedicated to providing
quality products in Ohio

“Innovative Healing Solutions (IHS) is an Ohio-owned and patient-focused medical marijuana processor dedicated to providing Ohio patients with the most pure and effective nature based healing available. With a firm foundation of ethical practices and a passion for innovation, our knowledgeable and experienced team seeks only to extract and refine what nature has provided.”
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Rethink the way you heal

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