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Our premium quality medicinal cannabis products are clinically formulated and precisely dosed with ultra-pure, naturally refined broad-spectrum extracts. Patients trust our products to provide consistent and safe relief. We provide only the healing power of nature, with nothing else added.

We tirelessly strive to innovate and develop new products, always while keeping the needs of the patient in mind. Many of our team members are also medical marijuana patients, our products are very close to our hearts.

Vape Cartridges

Discover our exceptional line of premium vaporization cartridges, meticulously crafted with broad-spectrum cannabis oils and strain derived terpenes. Through an innovative refinement process, we capture the plant’s authentic cannabinoids and terpenes, creating an elevated experience that embodies nature’s essence.


Experience the epitome of luxury with our premium sour gummies, brimming with an explosion of exquisite tanginess and adorned with delectable sweet and sour crystals. Each gummy formulation is clinically crafted with minor cannabinoids, harmonizing to produce a uniquely medicinal experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Luster Pod
Luster Pods

Embark on a journey with Ohio’s beloved vaporization device. Our collection of premium luster pods is artfully crafted with broad-spectrum cannabis oils and strain derived terpenes. Leveraging pioneering refinement techniques, we encapsulate the plant’s inherent cannabinoids and terpenes, crafting an elevated experience.


Innovative Healing Solutions branded gear is the perfect pairing for our products.

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