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The cornerstone of our process lies in selectively sourced cannabis flower. Through cutting-edge extraction technology and innovative lab techniques, we meticulously extract every precious drop of terpene and cannabinoid oil using supercritical CO2 and cryo-ethanol. Our broadspectrum oil undergoes rigorous refinement to eliminate unwanted impurities, resulting in a purified, honey-like oil and exquisite terpene concentrate. Precisely mimicking the natural plant composition, our cannabis oil and terpene concentrate are clinically formulated. Our focus is to elevate the inherent benefits of medical cannabis, recognizing that true perfection is achieved through relentless innovation, not mere processing hours. Nature lays the foundation for medicine, and our lab is the crucible where its brilliance is refined.

CO2 Extraction Process

CO2 Supercritical Cannabis Extractions: Our CO2 supercritical cannabis extractions employ advanced technology to create a clean and efficient method of extracting valuable compounds from cannabis plants. Utilizing carbon dioxide in its supercritical state, this technique preserves cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial components, resulting in high-quality extracts with minimal residue. The process offers precise control over parameters, allowing for tailored extraction of specific compounds, while maintaining eco-friendliness and safety.

Cryo-Ethanol Process

Cryo-ethanol extractions harness the power of low temperatures and ethanol to extract cannabis compounds. By subjecting cannabis plant material to extremely cold conditions, the desired compounds are separated from the plant matrix. Ethanol, a safe and effective solvent, preserves the natural profile of the plant, yielding extracts that can be refined and purified for various applications.

Refinement Process

After the initial extraction, a sequence of filtration stages is undertaken to eliminate undesirable waxes, fats, and materials that might hinder the medication's effectiveness. The filtered extract then undergoes additional refinement through wiped-film evaporation – a thermodynamic process that isolates valuable cannabinoids while separating them from undesired plant residues. The outcome is a pristine, impurity-free broad-spectrum cannabinoid oil, ensuring optimal quality.

Formulation Process

Finally, the previously preserved strain-specific terpenes are returned to the broad-spectrum oil, restoring the plant’s inherent natural terpene and cannabinoid profile. The result is an ultra-clean, broad-spectrum cannabis oil of the highest potency possible – with the natural aromas, flavors and healing qualities of the original cannabis plant. We use this refined broad-spectrum oil to infuse our premium quality vaporization products, capsules and edibles. We add nothing; nature has already provided the ingredients.
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